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Addiction & Psychiatric Treatment in Bangladesh


LIGHTHOUSE is an oldest, modern and first class drug addiction and psychiatric treatment center at Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is established in 1999 and directly supervised and managed by Dr. Jashim Chowdhury with the support and active involvement of other doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and ancillary staffs. .

Lighthouse situated in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by lake and greens at Sector 11, Road 5, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. With the last 20 years experiences Lighthouse continually bring changes in its treatment, living and other facilities required to adapt with the growing needs of the patients and their families.

Now our experienced staffs are capable to handle patients from all segments of the society. To adapt with the growing needs of the patients, we are going to open very soon our Gazipur center with more modern and extended facilities.

Our aim is to provide patients and their families a healthy, safe, reliable, dependable, trustworthy, cost effective and empirical treatment and environment for full recovery of their dearest ones.

Almost last 20 years we treated holistically thousands of patients, most of them Alhamdulillah living drug free life with their families. Our success rate with psychiatric patients are comparable with world renowned institutions.

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DRUG ADDICTION & PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT & REHABILITATION CENTER, House - 2/E, Road – 5, Sector – 11, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.


  1. Its location, safety, affordability, living standards and other modern facilities.

  2. Unique to other treatment center, LIGHTHOUSE had its own addiction specialist and LIGHTHOUSE treatment and services day to day monitored by its owner. Only few if at all present, treatment centers run by a Doctor. LIGHTHOUSE is one of them. For this, patients and families prevails advantages for direct communication with a doctor and feel relaxed by expressing their views. Treatment like drug addiction would never be filled by hired seasonal, part-time psychiatrists or psychologists without a dedicated person.

  3. We don’t treat the patient, we treat the whole family.

  4. LIGHTHOUSE activities and patient’s movements are continually monitored by around 50 CCTV surveillance from control room.

  5. In a six storied building, we had the separate facilities for drugs and psychiatric male/female patients.

  6. Last 20 years we did not face any self-harm from the in-patients.

  7. Our treatment are planned and executed by specialists by bio-psycho-social model.

  8. We provide extensive counselling by qualified staffs which includes, relaxation, psycho-education, motivation enhancement therapy, relapse prevention therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, family therapy, mindfulness and meditation etc.

  9. New to our treatment is life skill training and management.

  10. We had need based services for families who permit to bring their patients from home in case of emergency and non-willingness.

  11. We provide after treatment when released from hospital totally free of cost.

  12. We believe in privacy, safety and quality.

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